Miss Cline Press Circa 2012


Miss Cline Press was a letterpress art studio in the heart of historic Central District in Seattle. The studio was closed in June 2015.
This was the Miss Cline Press website for several years.
Content is from the site's 2012 archived pages.

The new owner of this domain, a fan of the Miss Cline Press and Ana Karina Luna, wanted it to remain visible on the web.
Check out the Miss Cline Press Facebook page: www.facebook.com/missclinepress/


About the Shop

Our letterpress shop has been sold..
Artwork is still available for sale on Etsy.

We're about the quiet exercise of hand-setting type, the craft of hand-cut illustrations. Human fingers touch every sheet of paper – which most often have been tore by the same hands.

In the shop, cleaning, organizing and restoring of antique type, big and small, is an on-going act. Art, on its own time, is hand-fed into two gracious turn-of-the-century presses. Out comes broadsides of all sizes, and also cards, notepads, letter sets. Followed and preceded by curiosity and enjoyment.

Miss Cline Press
2370 E Cherry St #5
Seattle, WA 98122


I love to document my process. I have lots of pictures of it and also of the final pieces.


Fresh off of the press

»  Frog-Woman
     a handmade linocut
     8" x 10"
     Edition: 30


Recent Work

A sneak peek into recent or on-going art projects.

/// Monotype: Baby Doll 1

Baby Doll 1

Monoprints, 2013. Linocut and litho oil ink on Japanese Mulberry paper. 19" x 25".
This linocut was made by cutting directly onto the unsketched linoleum, preceeded only by a rough thumbnail sketch. The same applies for the reduced piece.

Baby Doll 2


Survival Cycles

/// Mixed Media: Death, Life and Other Cycles

Mixed-media on paper, 2012 - 2013.


Death, Life and Other Cycles, 2013 / Graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, pen & ink on paper / 11" x 14"

Cross Roads, 2013 / Graphite on paper / 5.25" x 6"

Waterhole, 2013 / Graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, ink on paper / 11" x 14"

Survival Cycles 5, 2013 / Graphite, charcoal, oil pastel on paper / 11" x 14"

Survival Cycles 6, 2013 / Graphite, oil pastel on paper / 8" x 11"

Survival Cycles 7, 2013 / Graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, pen & ink on paper / 11" x 14"

Survival Cycles 8, 2012 / Graphite on paper / 9" x 12"

Survival Cycles 9, 2012 / Graphite on paper / 9" x 12"

Survival Cycles 10, 2012 / Graphite on paper / 9" x 12"

Survival Cycles 2, 2012 / Graphite on scratch paper / 5" x 6"

Survival Cycles 3, 2012 / Graphite on scratch paper / 4.75" x 5.5"

Survival Cycles 4, 2012 / Graphite on scratch paper / 5.5" x 5.25"



Past Exhibits & Shows

»  Bridges Art Show /Em Space Book Arts Center
»  Holiday Craft Sale Hootenanny
»  Spring 2010 Central Space Open Studios
»  Central District Art Walk /(years 1 & 2)
»  Shoreline Arts Festival
»  Hollow Earth Radio DIY Holiday Fair /Vera Project
»  Artists for Japan /Kobo at Higo
»  EtsyRAIN 2011 Spring Show /Intiman Theater
»  Moveable Type truck visits MCP
»  Paths (solo exhibit) /Kobo at Higo
»  Instrumentality (solo exhibit) /Cortona Café
»  White Elephant Art Fair /Fictilis
»  Yeah Big: Tiny Pop-Up Print Club /Stumptown Printers
»  X Print Exchange /Dead End Press
»  Leschi Art Walk
»  Linocuts & Letterpress /Sheridan + Design
»  Pop-Up Arts Night /Bright Street Gallery
»  The DUO Project Installation /Style Syndicate @ Blitz Art Walk
»  The DUO Project Installation /Retail Therapy @ Blitz Art Walk


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Where to Buy

Letterpress goodies are available for sale at my online Etsy Store.